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Raw Wild Blossom Honey | Full Spectrum CBD Infused

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This luxury, wild blossom, artisan, raw honey is utterly DELICIOUS. It is made by our very own bees and then hand infused with only the finest grade, full spectrum CBD here at Just Botanicals. Each gram of honey contains 3mg, a delightful way to get your daily CBD intake.

This product has been a long time coming here at JB, and that's because we simply do not compromise on ethics. For us it's pretty simple, the bees should ALWAYS come first. We spent months scouring the U.K. to find an apiary that reflects this ethos and couldn't be more pleased to have found the PERFECT bee keepers over in Wales.

From beginning to end you an be sure that the honey you purchase from us is extracted, infused and jarred by hand, with the utmost respect for our little winged heroes. 

PLEASE NOTE: This honey is raw and unprocessed, therefore the texture/colour may vary from jar to jar. Thank you for your understanding.

All sizes and weights are approximate.